HeadPhone Jack Repair (iPod 4th Generation)

At SoFlo iRepair we specialize in iPod repairs. We have 10+ years experience in the iPod repair industry and provide quality services at affordable prices.

Headphone Jack Repair
Can’t hear your music or the person on the other line when you plug your headphones in?  We can fix anything!  Give us a call to set an appointment, walk in to our shop, or send your iPod in the mail today for a quick and professional repair.   24 hour turnaround time on all repairs. 

iPhone Models
iPod (4th Generation)

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We offer a Mail In service at SoFlo iRepair to make life easier on you. All you have to do is purchase the service, print your invoice, and mail your phone with invoice included to the below location. Once we receive it, we will repair the phone and ship it back within 24 hours of receiving it.

Mail To:

SoFlo iRepair
726 Park Ave.
Lake Park, FL, 33403

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