Warranty / Terms of Service

The following is our disclaimer and warranty. Put in the description that by sending us your phone you are agreeing to our repair disclaimer and warranty.

Samsung Galaxy Glass Repair
I understand that a glass replacement on a Samsung Galaxy does not fix damage to the LED and/or Digitizer caused from dropping the phone. I also understand that the LED can have a hairline fracture and can break during the glass removal and SoFlo iRepair LLC is not responsible for the damage incurred. In addition, I understand that the LED and/or digitizer can discontinue working anytime after or during the glass repair and we are not responsible for the operation of the LED and/or digitizer after the glass repair.

Terms of Service
I authorize SoFlo iRepair LLC(referred to as “We’) to work on my device. SoFlo iRepair LLC is only responsible for the repair(s) indicated above. If the device cannot be powered on upon receipt, SoFlo iRepair LLC accepts no responsibility and offers no guarantees. I, the customer(referred to as “I”), also understands that SoFlo iRepair LLC has no affiliation, nor is authorized by Apple Inc, Samsung, RIM, or any other companies who manufacture or design the device I have brought in for diagnostic or repair. In the event that there are additional problems with the device; that are not indicated on the incoming test, SoFlo iRepair LLC will not be held responsible. I agree to SoFlo iRepair LLC’s Terms and Conditions that are stated on their website. I understand that the warranty on my device may be void and I will not hold SoFlo iRepair LLC responsible for this. SoFlo iRepair LLC will not be held responsible for lost data. We recommend to back up all data prior to having your device worked on. I am responsible for all other issues, known or otherwise with the device. iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook, and iMac are trademarks of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc and is registered in the United Sates and may be pending or registered in other countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Devices left more than 30 days after a repair is complete will be recycled. We do call and/or email when repairs are complete. I will not hold SoFlo iRepair LLC responsible if no one can get in touch with me. I understand that it is my responsibility to check with SoFlo iRepair LLC when a repair is complete. SoFlo iRepair LLC is not responsible for scratches, dings, or dents on your device. We take every measure possible to keep it in the condition it was in when it arrived for diagnostic and/or repair. Our Warranty does not cover accidental damage. I understand that glass does not break on break on its own. A screen only breaks when it is physically impacted. It is your responsibility to inspect the device when you make payment to make sure it was not given back to you cracked. Once payment is made, you accept all responsibility and acknowledge the device is in good, repaired condition. In the event that something goes wrong during a repair, SoFlo iRepair LLC will only be responsible for the damaged part. In certain cases, it could take several weeks to resolve such issues. Should an issue arise, SoFlo iRepair LLC will only be responsible for a device in equal condition that you originally brought in. Should SoFlo iRepair LLC replace a device with one that has the service originally requested completed. I will still owe the full amount for the repair I came in for. We repair devices that are extremely delicate and break easily. If you are here, the device has likely been mistreated once by a drop, spill, or shock of some sort. You accept that any further issues with other functions on the device are related to prior mistreatment, and not our repair service. Should your device require warranty work, I understand that only warranty work will be performed. Refunds will not be given unless all efforts have been exhausted. Warranty work may be scheduled for completion on a later date than when you bring it back in, based on time/part availability. Once your repair is completed, we reserve the right to refuse “undoing” the repair and putting it back to its original broken state if you change your mind about repairing the device. In such cases, payment will still be due in full. Payment in full is due when repairs are complete. We reserve the right to hold onto your device until full payment is completed. We’ll do everything we can to make sure your experience is a good one and will get the repair completed as quickly as we can. Special order parts take about a week to receive. Sometimes they come in quicker and sometimes they take a few days longer. Deposits are non-refundable unless there is clear evidence that we are at fault. Delays in shipping or defective parts are considered issues where we are not at fault. You are responsible for inspecting your device when you pick it up. I am the lawful owner of this device or I have authorization from its original owner to have it worked on. I swear this device is not stolen. I have read and understand the above statement.

SoFlo iRepair 12 Month Warranty on Parts
We have a 12 Month Warranty on our parts and labor. If the screen and/or part on my iPhone/iPod/iPad/Nokia/LG/HTC/Samsung, etc.; device is not responding correctly after a repair, I must bring it back immediately without any signs of damage and/or scratches or the part cannot be replaced for free.